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III.— Treatment of Catarrhal Affections OF THE REri TRATORY Opu ANS : Ch RONIC Bronchial Catarrh .... Forchheimer says small doses of calomel act like a specific in intestinal troubles due to this parasite.

IV.— Treatment of Asthma (Spasmodic Asthma, Bronchial Asthma), Hay Fever, and Emphysema .... — ^Treatment c r LKURisi ES 539 5G0 676 COO 634 68i « XIV Contents PART IV PHTHISIS, OR CONSUMPTION (PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS) CHAFTEB I.— Indications and Prophylaxis . With infants, whenever it is possible, a wet nurse should be preferred to artificial feeding.

— Diseases of the Intestines: Tbbathbnt OF Intestinal Obstbuction . — Diseases of the Intestines: Tbeatment OF Intestinal Pabasites XIV. — Treatment c Chbonic Affections of the Cabdiac Valves .... Alkalin* Emo Uiettt and Antiieptie Mouth Wtuh ^ Glycerini acidi carbolici semi unciam (iss). But some regard the acidity of the buccal secre- tion to be rather a result than a cause of the growth. IJ Parasitic Stomatitis The indications for treatment in this affection are apart from those dependent on any co-existing cachexia, to remove the parasitic growth from the mucous membrane, and by restoring a healthy con- dition of the oral secretion to prevent its re-develop- ment. In obstinate cases the patches (after wiping) may be touched with a solution of argentic nitrate (1 to 2 per cent.), or cupric sulphate (2 grains to the ounce), or carbolic acid (2 grains to the ounce).

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(5) Gangrenous Stomatitis CMcrum Ons Noma-Causation— Characters and Symptoms —Treatment. Tokhiutis: Varieties— Causes- Symptoms- Sud- purati Te Form -Treatment— Prophylaxis— Omnic Hrner. al symptomii of thi H litf'ection are redness, tenderness, and swelling of the mucous membrane of the cheeks, gums, and tongue.

—Stomach Syphon (D^bove's Modification) — Mode of using Stomach Syphon -Mode of using Stomach Syphon -Stomach Tube and Irrigator —Ripe Segment of Tcania solium -Ripe Segment of Tcenia aaginata ■Ripe Segment of Bothriocephalic lotus A, Head of Tainia aaginata. (4) Ulcerative or Pseudo- Memlwanous Stomatitis— Symptoms and Characters— Causa- bon— Indications for Treatment.

If the oral mucosa becomes denuded of its epithelium, a purulent stomatitis may arise with discharge of pus from the ulcerated surface.

It may also be propagated from ad- jacent inflamed organs, as in facial erysipelas and in- flammation of the throat.

— Diseases of the Intestines: OF Habitual Constipation Tbeatment X, — Diseases of the Intestines: Treatment OF Di AHBHCEA, INTESTINAL Ca TABBH, ACUTE AND CHBONIO XI. The diet should be bland but nutritious, and Stl -lulants are fi-ecly needed in bad cases. It appears to be often conveyed from child to child by bottle-feeding. Honey is to be avoided (as' in mel boracu,), since it may aggravate acid fermentation.

— Diseases of the Intestines: Tbkathknt OF Pemtyphlitis, oe Appendicitis, and of Dysentxby Xll. In young children milk and barley water, mixed, should be given, in preference to beef tea, as beef tea may cause smartinir of the mouth. In older children, in adults, and old j)eople it is apt to appear towards the close of ex- hausting, cachectic diseases. This fungus seems to require an acid medium for its development, and its occurrence in young infants has been supposed to be due to tlie preponderance of mucus, which is prone to turn acid, over the alkaline saliva, in their oral secretions. Sodii bicarbonatis Aquao rosic drachmas tres (siij). But glycerinum acidi borici is a suitable preparation, with which the patches may be frequently painted.

— Tbeatment of Acute Affections of the Heabt and Peeicabdium . — Treatment of Cardiac Hypebtbophy and Dilatation ; and of Degenerations of the Myocardium 406 Contents xiii OHAFTEB p^Q3 v.— Tbeatmkkt of Cabduo Nkurosks : PALPTTATi Oi T — Cardiac Pain-- Algina Pectoris 430 VL— Tbbatment of Diseasks of the Arteries : Arterio-sclerosis (Ather- OJi A, or ENDAii TERm S DEFORMANS) — Aneurtsh 465 VII. SMIAS 483 ^11'— Treatment of certain Blood Diseases: LEcr Ksso A — Hodokin's Disease — Addi- son's Disease —Exophthalmic Goitre — Mtxcedema 510 PART III DISEASES OF THE ORGANS OF RESPIRATION I.— Treatment of Catarrhal Affections of THE Respiratory Organs: Acute and Chronic Nasal and Lartnqeal Catarrhs II. To remove the parasitic patches it is best to rub them off" gently with a piece of soft linen wrapped round the tip of the linger, and then cleanse the cavity of the mouth with some alkaline, antiseptic wash, such as a •) per cent, solution of borax or sodium benzoate. If there is gastric disturbance, a mixture of tincture of rhubarb and bicarbonate of soda may 8 Diseases of Dicbsthe Organs t Pait i bp of service.

— Treatment of Catarrhal Affections OF THE Respiratory Groans: Acute Bronchial Catarrh .... The tollowing lotion may also be used every two or three hours : — "^ IV Boracis j Glycerini ,,]\ *°* drachmas quatuor (31^). If the"- should be diarrhoea, as is not uncommon, small doses of bismuth carbonate with chalk mixture may be given to check it.

□ Colourad pagas/ Pagaa da coulaur E Pagas damaged/ Pagas andommagias r~n Pagas rastorad and/or laminated/ n Pages rastaurias at/ou pallicu Wr Pages discoloure9o6, 1908 Fourth Edition 1909- Rep'in'tii »9'o AIX RIGHTS KE. In cachectic cases tonics must be given internally; qmnine in \. When it supervenes on law cachectic states it is usually of evil omen.

SBRVED TO HIS FRIENDS AND PUPILS AMONGST THE PAST STUDENTS OP KINO'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL THIS WOBK r DEDICATED BY THE AUTHOR PREFACE TO THE FOURTH EDITION Altiiouoii this work was revised so recently as 1*J02, tlie activity of medical research is aow so considerable that it has appeared desirable uo xi 1 32 48 71 112 130 1C7 19» xu Contents OHAFTER IX. to i-gruin doses with 2 to 5 minims of dilute nitric acid three or four times a day. It is most common in infants during the first two weeks of life, and it is generally caused by want of cleanliness and deficient care in feeding, thus inducing a morbid acid condition of the oral secretions. Misce, flat lotio, The above may also be used as a spray for the mouth and throat.

(3) Parasitio Stomatitis, Apfathi B or Thmsh-Symptoma-Cauiee-Indioa- taons for Treatment-^Prophy Uxis.

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