Reason why he disappeared dating

Norman Li, Associate Professor of Psychology at Singapore Management University, says we have Tinder to thank for killing the romance.

At 9pm, some six hours after we first met, I reluctantly made my excuses, because I had some grocery shopping to do. The conversation continued to flow, we laughed a lot, and when we finally parted ways at 9.30pm, I went home happy.

I definitely had the feels, and if my hunch was on the mark (because seriously, how many first dates last six hours? Turns out I was wrong, because I never heard from him again. Or did I read all the signs wrong and he wasn’t as into me as I thought?

These women genuinely believed there was mutual attraction, undeniable connection, and that they had perhaps found their happily ever afters.

Running Man via GIPHY So how did people get so disposable, even after just one date?

However, don’t immediately go crazy and find good excuses to blame yourself.

Distressful sentiments can very well be the by-product of their own emotional incapabilities and incompatibility to find peace with their true nature.

“These online portrayals of so-called perfect romance make people think ‘this should happen to me’,” he adds.

Issues that might not have been a problem just two decades ago are now considered deal-breakers.

They are anxious about way too many “what ifs” and how those “what if’s” could severely impact their life, their reputation, their work, their …everything.

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