Real dating for real people

It's no-nonsense online dating that actually is free.

The fact that we even say "meet someone in real life" when we talk about dating reveals a lot about modern relationships.

Firstly, the fact that we have to distinguish how we're meeting someone nowadays signifies how ubiquitous dating apps and sites have become.

Secondly, it reminds us that when connect with people online, it's not always real, whether you never end up meeting or they aren't representing themselves accurately (or worse, they're catfishing you).

Not too long along ago, meeting IRL was the default and meeting someone online was the method you sought tips and expert advice for.

I feel like every dating app now-a-days is the same. It matches you based on what actually matters when looking for a partner and dating.

I’ve already had more quality conversations on Vyve than the years of used other apps!

It is commonly known that with online dating, you don't always get what you signed up for.

Men and women massage the truth when it comes to characteristics like age, appearance, and income. Livelinks Chatline provides a dating service for local singles who are looking for something a little more real.

But now, with 15 percent of Americans dating online and dating site and app usage having tripled since 2013, meeting someone offline can feel like a lost art — even though research says it's still the number-one way couples are meeting.

I'm more than halfway through App-less April, Bustle's challenge to delete your dating apps for one month.

By offering a genuinely free dating site we take away the motivation dating sites have to plant fake profiles.

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