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Flash Coms is one of the leading companies when it comes to internet communication tools.We enhance the latest technologies and provide a great variety of cutting-edge Flex & HTML5 chat products to power your web-site and on-line community.Chat with someone completely random or someone who shares your interests.

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I was quite pleased with attention to detail and to the customer personally I got from Flash Coms staff.

Choose a complex secret password, then share it with the persons who you would like to chat with - preferably via phone, but for paranoid security level you should meet them face-to-face and remove batteries from all cell phones during the conversation.

This layer is responsible for that even transparent proxies with own CA certificates installed on the client cannot inspect or modify the communication (surely only if they didn't modify the chat client's source code - development of a browser extension and a smartphone app is planned).

The third layer inside the second one is responsible for the End-to-end encryption between the clients.Random chat with real people from all over the world with your mobile device (Google Play and Apple Store).A place to meet new people and talk about what matters to you.Thanks to the third layer's encryption and to the group password that never leaves the client, it is not possible to decode the messages even on server side.It acts as a dummy router between the group members and does not store any data it passes.CHATCRYPT's unique tri-layer encryption starts with a traditional secured Web Socket (wss) connection to the application server, then it builds up a custom Transport Layer Security within it, using ECDH (with NIST P-521 curve) for key exchange and AES-256 (in CTR mode) for ciphering.

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