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Then: Rodger Corser Peter Johnson was the (still married) boyfriend of Claire, who broke her heart by not telling her the truth about his wife and three children.

Peter was the father of Claire's daughter Charlotte Pruedence Mcleod.

Rachael studied acting at the Australian College of Entertainment at Macquarie University and at the Drama Works Drama Company.

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He later revealed that he was in Witness Protection.

Rob left when he realised the hitmen had found him but later returned under the name Matt.

She also had a recurring 2011 television role as Abby Kowalksi on Against the Wall.

She had a five-year marriage to Matt Passmore that ended in 2011.

He was briefly engaged to Tess (Bridie Carter) before pursuing a relationship with Kate (Michala Banas).

Dave eventually sets off for Africa and didn't return to the show again.Then: Dustin Clare Dustin starred as Riley Ward from season six, to the end of the series in 2009.At first misunderstand, Riley became a lovable member of the Drover's Run gang, eventually having a relationship with Kate before being involved in a car accident.His body was never found and Riley was presumed dead.Then: Jonny Pasvolsky From seasons five to seven, Jonny played Killarney overseer, Rob Shelton.He was killed in an early episode of the final season after being crushed in a freak accident.

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