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According to our eyewitness, the two were friendly with one another in the club, but only saw each other for a moment."They both locked eyes and smiled at one another, and they both got up from where they were and walked over to the DJ booth where they shared a long embrace," the insider explained."They spoke for about 10 minutes.

Lo showed up to the party with several friends, including her longtime manager and confidant, Benny Medina, while Diddy brought his friends along as well.

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Bergos said Combs, Lopez, Barrow, Combs bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones and others went to the then-hot spot to celebrate signing Barrow to a record deal. “It felt like a flaming hot sledgehammer hit me in the face,” Reuben, a beautician and mother of two, testified during the criminal trial.

The night turned ugly when Combs’ crew exchanged words with another clubgoer, Matthew “Scar” Allen. Barrow served nine years in prison and was deported to his native Belize after release.

She’s been victimized enough.” Bergos said he refused to sign the confidentiality deal “because I did nothing wrong and I may need to talk about [the incident] sometime in the future.” The shooting occurred Dec.

27, 1999, when Combs was still known as “Puff Daddy” and dating Jennifer Lopez.

[LAUGH] So I wore that, which I also love cuz I love this designer [UNKNOWN]. You know, we have had that make up look for months.

And when this dress came on, I was like, oh it's perfect for that. Just the orchid lip with the, it was almost like monochromatic with the dress, the eyeshadow and stuff and I just felt like this dress couldn't take a lot of hair because the skirt was so full.The two were first seen leaving within minutes of each other at trendy eatery Mr. And it should come as no surprise that the former couple is on good terms, especially after the rapper-turned-mogul proclaimed the singer's booty a "work of art."During a recent interview with He continued gushing, "I mean, it's great. It's something that will go down in history, for real it will.Chow and then both headed to a second location, Hooray Henrys, for a mutual friend's birthday party. But also her talent, her drive, her determination, she will never give up.My body was just getting back into shape after the kids I could have maybe used another month or two before I was in that dress [LAUGH] but I loved it so much I wore it anyway. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Puffy, Brother Love, and briefly Swag), and Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, 49 (sidebar: , which came out in the summer of ’99. Lo had recently finalized her first divorce after wedding actor Ojani Noa in 1997.Why We Loved Them: Jen and Diddy had their own exclusive White Party on the VMA’s red carpet in 2001 and fashion has never again reached such heights. evolved into a dance club shooting that left three people seriously injured.But black females will lay around having babies out of wedlock with Puff Daddy because he has money.

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