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Getting a guy to fall in love with you is not always as easy as it sounds.While some guys can fall head over heels for a woman’s looks, most guys want qualities that go beyond just the physical side of a woman.

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Remember; she has the unique love map she’s reading. It is a subconscious act, just like when our brain sends a message for our heart to beat.

Since our love map is created subconsciously, we may not understand exactly why we fall in love with the person we do.

You can then use this information to begin to understand what fulfils another person’s love map.

A love connection will only happen when your checklist is met or when a potential partner sees that you meet their criteria.

Since your subconscious grabs onto that person specifically, you often find it challenging to let go of that love even years later.

Below are a series of methods, tried and tested, that can make a guy fall in love with you. The list has our basic expectations for the person we meet as a love interest.

Is it your perception that when a guy doesn’t love you from the start that he never will?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you are likely someone who simply believes in fate, chance, and luck. Most people believe that love cannot be controlled or changed.

If you know and understand the process then you can trigger it in any guy at will.

While I will share some info about these processes in this article, relationship coach, Amy North shows you exactly how to do it from start to finish .

In such an instance, you will probably just remain friends with that person. The checklist is based on your values, your beliefs, your past experiences, your background and your previous relationships.

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