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Sources in the industry say that the wedding will be a simple affair and that the couple will look to register the marriage on 23 August.A wedding reception has been arranged in Bangalore on the next day.The engagement was a low-key one because we had lost somebody in the family, so the elders decided to keep it close knit. Fortunately, I have very understanding in-laws and an equally mature husband in Mustufa.

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It wasn’t love at first sight because we began as friends.

But I did notice that he was always protective about me, particularly at the after-parties and ensured that boys didn’t act fresh with me.

It has received huge support and attracted the attention of a large number of trolls as well.

There are reports that has received fairly good reviews, lead hero Dulqer Salmaan has garnered a positive response for his performance in the film.

The talented actor took to social media to express his gratitude towards his director.

Dulquer posted a picture on Facebook and wrote: 'Clearly you can see the admiration on my face! Because I’m not hungry.” There’s no melodrama between us saying, “Baby, if you don’t eat, I won’t eat, too.” I think this practicality has continued well into marriage, too.I met Mustufa because of Celebrity Cricket League which he is also a part of.We aren’t a lovey dovey couple who need to indulge in PDA to show our love for each other.From day one, we’ve been realistic about everything. Produced under the banner of Goodwill Entertainments, Kasaba has Sameer Haq as the cinematographer.

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