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Providing quality woman centred care, meeting the needs of women during pregnancy and beyond, in order to optimise the outcome of pregnancy, enhance women’s health and provide choice and reassurance.

3D/4D scans, reassurance scans, early pregnancy scans, anomaly scans, growth scans, presentation scans, gender scans, uterine artery doppler scans, and cervical assessment scans.

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CS Partners Medical Ltd and The Baby Scan Studio offer private pregnancy and Gynaecological scans across our clinics, offering patients a completely professional and accurate assessment of pregnancy and the Female Pelvis.

Providing medical, diagnostic scans and Bonding and Reassurance scans in pregnancy.

If you have any questions or concerns about your particular scan or the preparation, be sure to call us using the number on your appointment letter.

Ultrasound scanning is not dangerous and has no known side effects, it is used during pregnancy.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive scan used to monitor and diagnose conditions in many parts of the body.

Some men's and women's health tests including testicular, gynaecological and pregnancy scans are carried out using ultrasound.A clear gel will be spread on the area to be scanned.This gel helps to transmit the sound waves to the probe.We have a number of private ultrasound clinics across the South of England, including London, Hertfordshire and Essex.Use the map below to find your nearest Ultrasound Plus clinic, or click here to book an appointment!Also provide private blood screening, midwife services, and private births.

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