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"It must have been a bit of fur coat I picked up from some dowager in the Abbey.

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Others who escorted her to fashionable nightclubs and restaurants included David, Lord Ogilvy, later the 13th Earl of Airlie, the Hon Colin Tennant, now Lord Glenconner, Mark Bonham-Carter, the future Liberal MP, Henry, Lord Porchester, and Dominic Elliot, the son of the Earl of Minto.

With such a feast of names photographers were duly disappointed when, on her 21st birthday, the only pictures they got were of her out riding with the former Palace equerry Peter Townsend. A fighter pilot and war hero, Group Captain Townsend had been equerry to King George VI and was now Comptroller of the Queen Mother's Household. During those early years he was to divorce his wife, the mother of his two sons, whom he had married two months after meeting.

Johnny Dalkeith, already an earl and the heir to two dukedoms, was a great friend.

Billy Wallace, the wealthy grandson of the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, was favoured by virtue of his vast inheritance, which he was willing to invest in her future happiness.

Then aged 77, he looked, to the Princess, "exactly the same, except he had grey hair".

By the time she was 26 the pressure on her to marry intensified.

Anyway, she was having it off with him.”Another friend, Princess Josephine Loewenstein, described the couple’s time together on Mustique.

This is where they conducted much of their affair out of the public eye, before paparazzi discovered them.“It was their bolthouse, let’s say. She went there whenever she could.“It was like a house party, and there was always something going on. The story will be revealed on Elizabeth: Our Queen, which airs on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

The situation became increasingly difficult when Lady Glenconnor and her husband introduced Margaret to Roddy Llewelyn, who was 17 years younger than her.“They were more or less holding hands and I thought ‘Heavens, what have we done?

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