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One of the lucky yacht passengers, Emilia d'Elanger, was also his guest at a royal shooting party, but Emilia was also spotted watching polo with Harry. The summer after finishing at Eton he's said to have gotten close to childhood friend Rose Farquhar.

"William and Rose had a summer romance and she still refers to him as her first true love," a friend from their "Glosse Posse"—the fellow privileged young people who constituted William and Harry's inner circle from time spent at their dad's estate, Highgrove, in Gloucestershire—recalled to Katie Nicholl for her 2011 book .

"She didn't want to give off the wrong impression or make it too easy for Will."She also didn't immediately break it off with Finch, but by the end of their first year at St.

A protection officer always occupied a nearby room when the boys were at school, but William's private co-ed living arrangement during his second year was something new.

In fact, William had insisted on being allowed to live off-campus his second year as a term of his return to school after a shaky first semester., friends were saying Will and Kate were not romantically linked. And William himself declared during an interview coinciding with his 21st birthday that year that he was single."If I fancy a girl and she fancies me back, which is rare, I ask her out," he explained.

"It was a long, hot summer and William spent a lot of time at Highgrove and Rose was always around...

That summer they realized that they both actually rather liked each other and it was William who made the first move."It was a very sweet and innocent love affair and Rose still laughs about the time they got caught by a farmer in a field.

They have three children, all of whose names they had to inform Queen Elizabeth II of before they could be announced to the public.

Kate can almost never take her coat off and probably sleeps in a hat.Trying to explain might be counterproductive."William took off for Santiago, Chile, where he chose to spend part of his gap year, on Oct.1, 2000; Kate, too, took a gap year to travel, and also touched down in Chile at one point. William eventually invited her to join his regular breakfast table and they became fast friends, bonding over their shared interests in sports and ski trips and art history.They went for morning swims and took strolls through town, and Kate got along with William's pack of friends.Prince Charles had a parade of women in his life, including Camilla Parker-Bowles and Lady Sarah Spencer, Princess Diana's sister, before he married Diana in 1981 after a whirlwind courtship.The biggest bombshell he had dropped to date was his decision to attend St. His father; Charles' brother Prince Edward; and Will's maternal great-grandfather, King George VI had all gone to Cambridge.She was an obliging ear when he struggled with art history and decided to switch his concentration to geography. The prince, who was rather interested in acting, started dating a creative writing student named Carly Massy-Birch, whom he met in drama club."She was quite a catch and every girl at St.

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