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After all, why take away one of the most satisfying pastimes from her, given that she has most likely already been sexually neglected by her man.

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You’re pussy is just waiting for a chance to get wet, and getting licked by your sexual partner is one of the best ways to start.

Don’t worry about that baby in your belly, you’re still physically fit to stand on all fours and receive a raging dick from behind.

Good thing there are still people who appreciate a woman’s body, even if they’re way past their prime.

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Given that Japanese love sperm, you can expect to see lots of bukkake and creampie scenes in adult videos featuring pregnant women.

They’re just that thirsty to accept sperm from different men while they’re expecting mothers.

They just want to feel a man’s touch again, specially as they feel even hornier than ever because of their hormones going haywire.

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They’re just hungry for some dick, as they haven’t had one ever since they got knocked up, but they’re more than willing to bend over and get manhandled even if they’re carrying a child inside them.

They’re down to ride any man, as they have been neglected by their boyfriends and husbands after they planted their seed in them.

This is also a time that these women crave for dick more compared to when they weren’t knocked up yet. It’s because it’s been months since they’ve had any sexual activity, and they’re just itching for a round or two of non-stop hardcore fucking. All women have sexual needs and desires, and it’s hard for them not to be able to satisfy those feelings.

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