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By 1861, this would increase again to 27 factories, supporting some 3,166 workers.It was during the 1870s that Limoges finally perfected its porcelain process, and the items produced then are considered to be some of the finest antique Limoges porcelain ever made.

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This long production process is what makes Limoges porcelain collectible.

By the end of the process, like snowflakes, no two products will turn out the same.

Antique Limoges porcelain is considered the finest hard paste porcelain in the world because of three very specific characteristics.

Then the intense firing process that forms the superb glaze that cannot be penetrated by the elements and gives Limoges porcelain that exquisite translucence.

If Limoges went so far as to design a mini container for these, you can bet you’ll find one that will fit any need you have.

It didn’t take me long to find something that could commemorate just about any holiday, major life event, and collectible category (mini hats, shoes and bags, for example).

Finally, an abundance of skilled artists and the French flair for aristic design set a standard that other Europeans and American porcelain producers struggle to emulate.

So, if your grandchild has just lost her first tooth or received his first haircut. Believe it or not, you’ll find an exquisite Limoges porcelain trinket box designed especially to memorialize those first strands of snipped hair, or that first lost tooth.

You have to look at the mark in context; analysing the type of porcelain, the colours of the enamelling, the style of the modelling and the age of the piece in comparison to real Meissen – for example; does the age of the piece of porcelain match the style of the painted crossed swords?

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