huge online dating - Polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration

Hi, we have 2 polycom ip 7000 with what it seems some interoperability issue with our pbx.

To create a custom software distribution a software package must first be downloaded, the firmware files extracted, and then a configuration file created and modified.

There is still some initial setup required but this is a basic as creating a single XML file and then dropping it an the desired firmware files directly into any web server directory.

It will just take a little time, some elbow grease and some hardware.

To start this off let’s begin with the brains behind it all: the TFTP server, also known as, Trivial FTP server.

Place and extract the ZIP files for both firmware and bootrom into one central folder. Edit the server address to the “IP Address of TFTP Server” (In my case noted in the above screenshot. Exit the server menu, and then exit the setup menu. The phone will prompt you to save and reboot, select OK. Upon reboot, the phone will go through its auto-boot process again, and then display Uploading Bootrom on the screen. You will also see verification on the TFTP Server as the bootrom and firmware files are being uploaded to the phone. When the phone completes its boot cycle, it will briefly display a welcome screen, which shows the current firmware version loaded. If you see this version, you have successfully upgraded your polycom phone.

(I called it “Polycom Firmware”): Create a folder called TFTP-Root and place it on your C: Drive. The Polycom Phone that you are upgrading must be on the same network as your TFTP server application (IE.

Choose which method of download you prefer and install the software on your local Windows-based machine.

In your installation process, you will be prompted to download 2.0 which can be downloaded here if not already installed:

Click File, then configure and set the following: After you have clicked OK, your TFTP Server application should look like this: Now for the Polycom Phone fun! Plug in your Polycom IP Phone and press the SETUP button to stop the auto-boot process when prompted. This process can be done on multiple Polycom units at the same time; there is no need to do one at a time if you have multiple units to upgrade.

In order to perform a correct upgrade with files with Polycom Factory Default settings, DO NOT MODIFY ANY FILES.

As of the writing of this article the Lync specific firmware release is not yet included on the Polycom Hosted Server, so primarily Open SIP only firmware releases will be available using this method.

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