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Interestingly, during the years of German occupation, the area was completely destroyed for tactical reasons. Twenty-five years later, the new Dendropark had a modern look and was covered in more than 150 different kinds of trees and plants.Nowadays, there’s no better place in Poltava to escape from the city and relax.The taste of halushky has impressed not only tourists, but also popular authors like Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol, who mentioned it in their works.

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The first one (a sow with piglets) can be seen at the Pig Breeding Institute named after O. On the pedestal hangs a sign that reads, ‘The eternal nurse of the Ukrainian people’.

Judging by this, you can probably guess how much Ukrainians love and appreciate is a collection of stories in which the author skillfully conveys the local colour of the tiny Ukrainian village and its inhabitants.

Come and see these impressive landmarks and explore Poltava.

The best way to learn the history of Poltava is to go to the Field of the Great Poltava Battle.

If you have a free couple of days, plan a trip to Verholy Relax Park in Poltava.

The hotel and spa complex is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

It was constructed in honour of the victory of the Russian army over the Swedes in 1709 and was consecrated on July 15, 1856.

The rectangular stone building is crowned with a dome and four decorative corks in the corners.

The National Museum of Pottery was established in 1986 in Opishnya – one of the villages where you can experience the real Ukraine – and is the centre of local pottery.

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