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Campaign Monitor offers two options for new users: You can build a new customer journey straightaway or “find journey ideas” if you need more inspiration: When users choose the second option, they are presented with a series of three questions that help Campaign Monitor personalize their results.

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Adbeat is a competitive intelligence tool that helps you find advertising data and analytics for any company in the world.

You can get access to everything from the type of ad creatives they've used to the publishers they are targeting and even the landing pages used for conversions.

We're all about helping companies create better experiences for their users.

That's why we've spent a lot (seriously, a ) of time looking at other companies' UX strategies—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to understand what makes for memorable, enjoyable user experiences.

That often means encouraging users to take specific actions within your product to help them achieve the full value that you've promised them.

Below, we've highlighted 8 UX strategies that encourage users to take action to: Even the best products need user onboarding.If you want mass adoption and highly engaged users (and don't we all?), you need to implement thoughtful, clever UX to encourage users to take action at every stage of the funnel.In other words, user onboarding UX is super important.Let's take a look at 6 companies that nailed it with creative UX strategies: Stack Overflow is a platform that allows developers to collaborate, discuss coding problems, and find creative solutions.A simple suggestion can make all the difference to new users trying to grasp the value of an unfamiliar product.

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