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Datasets, on the other hand, points directly to database objects.

BUT they can be parametrized, so you can just create ONE dataset and use it passing different parameters to get data from multiple tables within same source database 🙂 Source datasets don’t need any parameters.

As Andy rightly noted in the comment below this post, it is possible to use “Cols” also to implement SQL logic, like functions, aliases etc.

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Cols defines selected columns, Watermark Column and Value stores incremental metadata.

And finally Enabled just enables particular configuration (table data import).

We use Postgres, and by default this means we can't get a lot of leverage out of it.

These issues are going to be Postgres oriented, because that's the database we use.

You don’t have to parametrize mappings if you just copy data from and to tables that have the same structure.

Of course, you can dynamically create them if you want, but it is a good practice to transfer data 1:1 – both structure and values from source to staging. This logic should copy rows from all Oracle tables defined in the configuration. This can be done with “Debug” or just by triggering pipeline run.

Imagine finding an issue like that every two weeks or so and that's the feeling I get using Sails and Waterline.

The project's maintainers are very nice, and considerate - we have our disagreements about the best way to build software, but they're generally responsive.

In my Azure SQL Database I have created a simple configuration table: Id is just an identity value, SRC_name is a type of source server (ORA or PG).

SRC and DST tab columns maps source and destination objects.

I will show an example how to add the server to Linked Services, but skip configuring Integration Runtime.

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