Pb and marceline dating

What I mean though, is that 100% incontrovertible proof that these two women are romantically involved happened off our screens, and I’m of the opinion it’s likely to stay that way.

”), PB and Marcy are still in “slow-burn” mode; that this is all leading to some future payoff, and we really can look at everything we’re seeing as flirtation. They “Varmints” showed PB coming to a place where she was ready to allow herself to expose her vulnerabilities and have Marcy back as a girlfriend, and then all of “Stakes” was about Marcy getting to the point where she was mature enough to handle that.

The larger romantic beats of their relationship are entirely explicated and really leave almost no room for any sort of deniability (though just enough if you’re working as a Russian TV executive).

Yes, she did a take-backsies tweet the next day (which she took-backsied itself by deleting it), but I am more than inclined to believe this.

I mean…“I’m just your problem” is pretty dang intense for a lost friendship, no?

In my mind, they act like exes who had an unpleasant break, and have only recently reconciled and are able to be close friends.

There's also the fact that they're both extremely long-lived, if not immortal, and are basically working within a very tiny long-term dating pool if you discount evil and insane beings.But if I’m not, and that’s that for the season, then all we can do is move forward.And how I do that is through that Bubblegum and Marcy had dated “in the past,” pre-canon.It sounds like a beautiful story, and I would love to see it told by the wonderful storytellers of the AT writing crew.I suppose it hasn't been done so far because it would be, perhaps, "distasteful". The upcoming Stakes miniseries is going to focus on Marceline's past and the group dynamic of Finn, Jake, PB and Marceline, so if they would ever confirm a past romantic relationship between them in the show, that would probably be when.It's realistic to think that they may find their way back to each other given the right circumstances.

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