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Specifies if Universal Authentication should be used.When set to True, the interactive authentication protocol is activated supporting MFA.

An object type that should be ignored during deployment.

A semicolon-delimited list of object types that should be ignored during deployment.

This parameter shall be invalid for actions that only support database targets. This option is required to support guest or imported Azure AD users as well as Microsoft accounts such as outlook.com, hotmail.com, or

If this parameter is omitted, the default tenant ID for Azure AD will be used, assuming that the authenticated user is a native user for this AD.

Specifies a target file (that is, a .dacpac file) to be used as the target of action instead of a database.

If this parameter is used, no other target parameter shall be valid.

This property is used by Sql Clr deployment to cause any blocking assemblies to be dropped as part of the deployment plan.

By default, any blocking/referencing assemblies will block an assembly update if the referencing assembly needs to be dropped.

If 'true', data from all user tables is extracted, and you cannot specify individual user tables for extracting data.

If 'false', specify one or more user tables to extract data from.

Data deployment overwrites the schema and data in existing tables of the target database.

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