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Resultaten visar att det förekommit fem episoder av flygsandavsättning.Den äldsta händelsen var efter isavsmältningen vid ca 15 200 år sedan.Depending on the type of stimulation source, the phenomenon is termed thermally stimulated luminescence (TL) or optically stimulated luminescence (OSL).

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Optically stimulated luminescence dating

Aeolian sediments can be inferred as a proxy for past climate.

In Sweden aeolian sediments are not widespread and there are not so many studies on chronological and paleoenvironmental aspects.

Both coarse- and fine-grained material can be used for dating.

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Following the natural zeroing event and subsequent burial, the natural minerals begin luminescence acquisition afresh from the ionizing radiation (alpha, beta and gamma) constantly provided by the decay of radioactive elements (U238, Th232, K40, Rb) present in the sediments and also from the cosmic rays.

For calculating the age, the radiation energy stored in the mineral (known as Paleodose) and the annual radioactivity rate (annual dose) from the surrounding sediments has to be calculated.

A widely accepted chronological technique for aeolian sediment, Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating technique was applied to measure the age of the sand deposit.

The result from this investigation suggested that there were five episodes of aeolian sedimentation.

Den andra episoden var för mellan ca 14 500 och 13 000 år sedan, och den yngsta dateringen motsvarar början av kallfasen Yngre Dryas.

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