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During those six months, my Marital Status was either: Currently separated or Divorced; therefore, I felt like I could express my view of the differences between the two.

I wish I could comment on the third Marital Status of “widowed” as well; suffice it to say it did cross my mind during the divorce proceedings.

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If the personal narrative starts with “I don’t know what to say”, prepare yourself for reading a novel.

On the other hand, if you read “My friend told me I should do this internet dating thing” and half of the characteristic blocks are not filled out and she has only four sentences as she tells about herself and the man she is looking to meet, her heart is not in it and she just wasted her money to get her friend off her back. Is is like Red Rover, Red Rover send a wink right over!

In addition to pictures of one’s favorite dog, cat, or horse, there are women who load up their picture quota with sunsets, beaches, famous landmarks, flowers, cars, motorcycles, family and what I assume are either work mates or friends.

This leads to my : These women think we men have never seen a flower or understand the significance of a sunset at the beach so they use the “Me Jane, You Tarzan” approach and show a picture with a caption reading “Beach in Cabo–you get it?

” I really do not take offense to this approach but while you are showing me this picture could you also provide one with you in bikini; preferably a thong bikini, so I can mentally capture the full essence of the moment.

Since not all women fall into the body type that would work well with my imagination, I can see why some chose flowers, dogs and pictures of themselves from 50 feet away.

: This relates to my second and third theories about pictures. Would you buy a house, a car, or anything of value sight unseen? Do you think men will be interested in you because of your prose or how well you turn a sentence? I am not saying you are not beautiful in your own special way but golly gee Batwoman, we are the sex that buys magazines because they HAVE pictures. You would have thought that winking was the eleventh commandment that God forgot to tell Moses to put on the stone tablets. Which means a wink needs to be returned or she might have to initiate the conversation via an email?

Is it the beginning of a man being controlled before the conversation even begins?

My visual on checking other men profiles would be like when dogs meet each other they tend to sniff each others…No Thanks.

First of all, I am of the age where Denny’s will give me discounts and cut my portions; most of the women in my search pattern either have grown children or they are empty-nesters.

This a tongue in cheek analysis of the hundreds of profiles I read in those six months.

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