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When you first login to your account, you’ll only notice screens for messaging and contacts — nothing at all that looks like a payment service.

At the top of your screen, click on the magnifying glass and search for wallet. It will say that you need to add a Chinese bank card, but in my experience, you can also add international Visa or Eurocard credit cards.

As an American, it blows my mind that some Chinese businesses that accept neither credit card nor cash after a long history of counterfeit money.

They only accept mobile, electronic payment — We Chat Pay or Ali Pay. There are several steps, but it works and it makes paying for things in China so much easier. It basically stands in for Whats App and Facebook, serves as a travel booking app for trains, planes, and hotels, plus has functionality to hail rides through Di Di (Chinese Uber).

It was very convenient for me to arrive and immediately be able to pay for my Di Di ride from the airport and a street snack to power me through.

The way I did this was by adding funds to my We Chat Wallet with a service called Swapsy.

Good news first: Swapsy uses the official interbank currency exchange rate. However, they do charge you a separate fee (paid in “Swapsy credits”).

The fees range from 0.4%-1.5% depending on if you initiate the transaction or match up with an existing transaction and whether you send payment through Paypal or Zelle.

They’ll send a verification code by text message and you’re good to go for basic functions like messaging.

Even if you have no intention of using We Chat payment, you should set this up because tour guides will likely use this to communicate with you.

**You do not need to live in the United States to use Swapsy, but you do need to send USD, which means you may encounter Paypal currency fees if your account is normally in euros, pounds, or any other currency other than dollars.** And before you ask me to clarify, yes, you are sending money to a stranger.

There is an inherent amount of trust that goes into this, though Swapsy supposedly guarantees the swap.

You’ll also need to link your finance accounts (Paypal, We Chat, etc.) to Swapsy.

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