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With a goal of facilitating international connections, the company moved its headquarters from Norway to Malta.

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And still others find out that somewhere along their journey the spark between them has faded.

While they may want to seek passion outside of their union, they also want to stay married because they appreciate the shared history and life experiences they have together.

This allows one or both partners to find a connection and relationship outside of the one they have together.

Other spouses may be fighting a long-term illness, so they allow their significant other to relieve stress and loneliness through an extramarital affair.

Already the fastest-growing platform for married or partnered users seeking affairs in Europe, Victoria Milan wants to continue to expand its global reach.

The company has more than 6.5 million members around the world, most of whom live in Europe.

“It’s easier to say people cheat because they want to and cannot be faithful to their partners,” said Sigurd Vedal, CEO of Victoria Milan, one of the most popular dating sites for married and attached people seeking affairs.

“But truth be told we see and hear so many other stories all the time.” Victoria Milan is on a mission to change the narrative about extramarital affairs by highlighting the different reasons some choose to go outside their primary relationship.

By the end of 2018, Digisec, the parent company of Victoria Milan, projects it will need to relocate to another new office.

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