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It avoids having to worry about being seen with a breakout in the future cause they've already seen it. what if you have acne for 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years?

I'm sure though the day I have a Super bad breakout will probably be the day a guy finally wants to meet me and I would not want to be seen in a really BAD breakout. x Ka Shy Lahx you soung like me except I told my friend I have really bad acne. Every time I bring the acne up he's like, "I'm sure is very mild don't worry about it". who knows how long u will have for now and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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I am extremely photogenic and dont look this good in real life, and yes other people have told me that. Oh well, I guess if they like me they do , if they dont **** them. A guy in front of me kept turning around and smiling and then he asked me out after class!! realistically, looks do matter in the beginning, but only to a certain extent.

message has been edited by jenfen56 (edited ).] I would rather have a guy not see me on a good (acne-free) day but on an average day where I might have a small breakout. It was early morning, I didn't sleep all night (which makes your acne look 10x worse), didn't have time to wash my face or put any makeup on, I put my hair up in a ponytail, put really ugly clothes on. your self esteem and confidence, other quality characteristics will shine though and those are the things that will truly intrigue someone in the long run.

I am pretty outgoing, but realized a long time ago that i am not going to meet someone at a bar, plus I dont really want to meet them there.

THe tone is so superficial and a lot of people are just out for a piece....

So how do you go about the nerve wracking activity of dating people when you are positive that the other person must be repulsed by your skin?

I mean, going on dates, or starting a new relationship, is hard enough as it is.

This was surprising to me, but it goes to show that even acne that bad can be looked past. ), which is actually what wards people off – not the acne! I was recently having a conversation with a long time male friend of mine who used to have a decent bit of acne.

There is nothing more unattractive than being completely uncomfortable with yourself. Of course he was embarrassed about it, and he never got girls.

Maybe not great to date, but at least to be friends with. I was SUPREMELY self conscious but never acted like it.

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