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776 BC 728 BC, Only one event In the beginning there were only one event, a single foot race.The race was called the Stade and was the only event for 13 Olympics. 185 metres race, the first times on a straight strip of grass.There were also equestrian events, with chariot racing and horse riding in the hippodrome.

Before starting the days training or competition, athletes would rub their body with olive oil then dust themselves with fine sand.

This helped to regulate their body temperature and protect them from the sun.

The games was still in honour of the goods so the first day was for preparatory ceremonies and sacrifices.

The next five days was the competition and the seventh day was the award of prizes and the feasting.

Combat sports in the ancient Olympic Games included wrestling, boxing and pankration.

Wrestlers would grapple to gain hold of their opponent, and the loser was the first one forced to touch the ground three times.

Chariots were pulled either by two horses (biga) or four horses (quadriga), and the charioteers wore long robes.

According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus.

648 BC, Pancration, a different fighting art A new sport event that was introduced at the 33rd Olympics in 648 BC, , which not exists today at the Olympics, was Pancration.

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