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As part of that proceeding the agency will look at how the growth in voluntary adoption of recorders is affecting the cost of the devices.Meanwhile, the greatest safety benefit comes from mandating recorders for high-risk carriers, the agency said.

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Going Further The agency acknowledged that it is under pressure from Congress, the National Transportation Safety Board and numerous other interests to move to an even stricter mandate.

It could not go farther in this rule due to procedural limitations, but it is going to start a new rulemaking proceeding to consider a significantly broader mandate, the agency said.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration opted for the strictest approach it could take in its new requirement for electronic onboard recorders to track driver hours of service.

The final rule announced today will affect nearly 5,700 trucking companies.

Carriers that violate hours rules 10 percent of the time in two compliance reviews have a crash rate 90 percent higher than the general population.

Those that break the 10 percent barrier in just one review have a rate that is 40 percent higher than the general population.

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The carriers that already use recorders may keep using them through the life of the truck.

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