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The new tables are more flexible, but the code is trickier, and the documentation is scattered.

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Thanks Not sure how you would do that by registered application, but here is a good link/example code showing how to add/revoke privileges to particular directory for user.

I want that Only User 'A' can use Photoshop and User 'B' can only use coreldraw.

What happens if you use an NSText Field for editing text? This is one of the blurry areas in Apple's documentation.

At the bottom of the NSText Field documentation you will find a section "NSText Delegate Method Implementations".

You should not, therefore, directly set data values programmatically in the table view; instead, modify the values in the data source and allow the changes to be reflected in the table view. For example, the delegate supports table column management, type-to-select functionality, row selection and editing, custom tracking, and custom views for individual columns and rows.

You must whitelist the url's that your app will call out to using the LSApplication Queries Schemes key in your Info.plist.I stopped programming in Cocoa for a while, but a recent project is causing me to spend time in it again.One area that caused me some headaches is the move from NSCell-based table views to NSView-based table views. You had to supply three functions: one to get the number of rows, one to get a cell value, and one to set a cell value.One thing that was not clear at all to me at first was how to save changes after a cell was edited.So here is a sketch of the code that I worked out for my current project.This is described well enough in Apple's Table View Programming Guide for Mac Listing 3-2, although it only shows an NSText Field.

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