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The Narcissist is likely to lie and cheat which compounds the Borerlines fear of rejection, the lack of empathy from the narcissist replays the early injuries to the Borderline. However, calling a narcissist a coward may be stretching the point a bit too thin.

Unless the self-love extends to the point where the person in question refuses to engage in social activities (for fear of damaging their looks, or their reputation, for example) chances…

It's at the point where the more the person is in therapy i think the patient gets used to going they can count on it they like a life of meaning and not rejection they don't handle rejection very well sometimes they'll have outbursts they have a hard time when something gets distribute change is hard. A narcissist is a person who looks at themselves as higher than others, or believing they can do any task better than others, so for a narcissist to show appreciation would be very odd. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all.

It's incredible and shocking the way people with this disorder think.

It takes a lot of research to understand a narcissist. You never want to be with someone who cannot handle rejection, that's dangerous!

Just b/c you're rejected doesn't mean that the person doing the rejection isn't interested in getting to know the other person.

It just means that she may not see him in that way.

If he said that there is nothing there but you're a great person and he was great person, you still wouldn't be friends with him if he asked to be friends?

Would you be friends with him if you were the one whom did the rejecting?

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