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Once set, your account name can only be changed by going through the We Chat verification process again (and paying another 300RMB).Your account logo and introduction can be changed up to five times per month.

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One person can serve as the administrator for a maximum of five We Chat Official Accounts. As the owner of a Chinese We Chat Official Account, you should control the email address and password to login to your account.

The administrator’s role is frequently misunderstood. As a non-Chinese citizen, you can add yourself as an operator after you register the account, and your admin will never need to be given login credentials for your account.

Unless you’re a media company, we generally recommend Service accounts for our clients.

Email addresses can only be used once per Official Account, so you’ll need to submit and verify a unique email address.

Specific features and developer interfaces, and the requirements to obtain them, vary by region as they are administrated by different Tencent business development teams.

If you don’t have a Chinese business, your first step when registering an Official Account may be to consider whether or not an overseas account is good enough to accomplish what you want to do on the We Chat platform. As a Non-China entity your only choice is a Service Account.

A short code will be sent to the phone number to authenticate.

The admin will also need to scan a QR code to bind his or her We Chat account.

If you find someone is already using your business name, We Chat has a nifty feature that will display the account, and if you think it qualifies as trademark infringement, you can report it.

If you’re curious, check out this 2014 post on how bad trademark infringement on We Chat used to be in the early days.

You’ll need to enter your company name and business registration number exactly as they appear on your local business license.

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