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The French state is set to lose as much as half a billion euros due to vandalism of speed cameras by “yellow vest” protesters and others which half left half of the country's road safety devices out of order.*French language learner article.* *This is a French language learner article.Les radars: speed cameras Les caisses de l'Etat: state coffers Faramineux: staggering, astronomical (when speaking of a bill) La facture: the bill Un sac poubelle: rubbish bag La sécurité routière: road safety Un exutoire: an outlet (trouver un exutoire à la violence - find an outlet for violence) And there was me thinking that all speed cameras were installed purely for the safety of drivers and other road users.... The term "penalty" is meant to be just that; a fine imposed to deter further offence; it is NOT (supposedly) a means of raising revenue for the state's coffers.

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Speeding is not, of itself, a danger to anyone; Lewis Hamilton does it all the time, and he's not dead.

Failing to come to a controlled stop, however, can be (and often is) fatal to any number of people... If the state wants to safeguard the road-users and pedestrians of France; it should prosecute tailgating, reversing out of blind areas into the main highway, not indicating at junctions and roundabouts, over/undertaking on roundabouts, blocking exits - just to list a few.

That, however, would mean getting out of the chair and actually working for the money which, presumably, no one is that interested in doing when a camera, connected to a state database, can raise half a billion euros for doing bugger all.

EU Policy on CAM The EU has few policies that specifically refer to CAM, even though a significant proportion of the population use CAM as part of their healthcare provision.

There is a special feeling that goes with knowing that what you are doing has a positive impact on both the clients that I interact with as well as society as a whole. What are some substantial changes you have witnessed in both ACAMS and the compliance landscape?

ACAMS has certainly undergone a change in the last five years in the sense that we are no longer a small, private, unlisted company but rather a division of a much larger, listed company.Malik helped increase the ACAMS membership in the region from 500 in 2013 to nearly 4,000 five years later.Malik has experience in sales-related positions in the banking industry, spanning 20 years in institutions such as American Express, Citibank and Deutsche Bank. educational degrees include an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.It took me nearly three more years before I finally became CAMS-certified in March 2016. The best part of my job is that I never have to worry about the suitability or appropriateness of the products and proposition that I sell to any client.This was not always the case during my banking days and this has been a welcome change ever since I joined the compliance industry eight and a half years ago.His most recent role was in 2010 as head of business development and sales for World-Check in India, and then for Thomson Reuters upon its acquisition of World-Check. While I had heard about it earlier, my first real interaction with ACAMS occurred in 2012 when Ms.

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