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When the quality of Miki’s lens amazed him, Duncan asked to be introduced to the manufacturer in order to outfit his Leica cameras with the new Nikkor optics.

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Martin Forscher of the Eastern Optical Company remarked on this skepticism in the same article.

”I saw these lenses about a year ago and said at that time that I thought they were as good or better than Zeiss lenses, but people thought I was crazy.

No matter how good the lenses were and no matter how much better their cameras became, Nikon was still fighting Leica and Zeiss on turf those brands had held for a half-century.

In other words, they were fighting a losing battle.

The Japanese government declared that the post war rebuild was complete, and that the nation would move to implement a policy of sustained economic growth.

This new, forward-thinking policy provided the inspiration that Nippon Kogaku needed to execute their plan to help Japan become an international economic power, as well as establish themselves as a world-renowned optical powerhouse.They had to start somewhere, so they looked to their major wartime manufacturers first.One of these happened to be optics manufacturer Nippon Kogaku K. Nippon Kogaku had already carved out a good reputation for themselves domestically, producing precision optics for Japanese Leica copies in the prewar period and for manufacturing military optics during the war.These cameras were incredibly well-built and well-designed, and most notably showcased the prowess of Nippon Kogaku’s optics.Though derived from Zeiss lenses, Nippon Kogaku managed to improve on the German firm’s lens designs by incorporating a more durable hard-coating and mechanisms for closer focusing, and in certain instances increasing the speed of a lens’ maximum aperture.But what if they didn’t have to fight on that turf? An interesting idea, and one for which Japan was more than ready.

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