Nicholas hoult dating kaya

The X-Men are made up of a subspecies of humans that are born with superhuman abilities and are able to perform acts that are considered not normal for the average human.

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Feeling there are few options left, Apocalypse calls on the help of Magneto and a group of other mutants to help 'cleanse' the earth of all the citizens who have contributed to its downfall.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse - headed by Magneto - start to wreak havoc around the world and it looks like the X-Men's attempts to save it are all but lost - especially when their team is badly hurt by the loss of one member.

The 26-year-old was previously in a high-profile relationship with her, Stewart and Nicholas Hoult play co-workers who fall in love while living in a futuristic society where emotions have been outlawed.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the film Stewart said: "I read the script and I was just like, 'This is going to suck and hurt to think about.’”Continue reading: Kristen Stewart: First Love Is An "Intense, Overwhelming Feeling" X-Men Apocalypse comes as the ninth instalment in the X-Men film series and stars Jennifer Lawrence and James Mc Avoy as Raven and Professor X.

There's still a lot of strong character detail, and a big story that can't help but be entertaining.

But it's impossible to escape the feeling that the film's scale is far bigger than it needed to be.

Starring alongside Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz in the forthcoming Queen Anne biopic 'The Favourite' is the newly announced Nicholas Hoult.

The film explores the life of the 18th century monarch, from her numerous ill-fated pregnancies to her dealings with the country's first two-party government.

His role mainly involves driving, but the heist fails.

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