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I had enjoyed the book, and so was already disappointed.But I decided to see it anyway, just out of curiosity.

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Mrs X fired her last nanny because she was dating and that gives Annie problems when Harvard Hottie who lives in the same building asks her out on a date.

When this movie was unceremoniously yanked back in April 2007, right before its initially scheduled release, I thought it must be pretty bad.

When they’re not competing, the next most important thing is “who’s fucking who?

”Here I’ve compiled all of the true hookups between the people on these casts, past and present.

I’ve listed the “confirmed” hookups, which are either on camera, off camera, might not have been on a Challenge, but many have pointed to the them happening.

There might be some on the Confirmed section that should be in Unconfirmed, and likewise, the other way around.I don't think the book is written in a way that would translate well to the big screen.The ending was a bit happier than the book, but in this kind of movie, the happy ending was welcome.Thank you to Reddit User: soymilkmami and their hookup chart that I used to help direct me on occasion.: Anthony Cuomo, Jamie Banks Kailah Casillas (2nd season)Confirmed: Dylan Moore, Dione Marini, Cory Wharton Briana La Cuesta (2nd season)Confirmed: AYTO 2 guys Tori Deal (1st season)Confirmed: Mike Crescenzo, Morgan St.Las Vegas Premier Nanny and Household Staffing Agency.While not noticeable from side views of people leaving, his flaw can be seen from shots behind the characters as they leave. She was there to sell make-up, but the father saw more.

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