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Feelers are subjective individuals, using their beliefs and values as a basis of making decisions or formulating ideas, and make sure that they are taking others’ feelings into consideration to keep a happy equilibrium between them and their peers.

This different way of seeing the world can tip Thinking/Feeling Personality Type couples either one way or the other.

Areas of Conflict However, just like any opposite-type couple, the comfort of a steady relationship can bring about an individual’s natural behaviors, which can lead to miscommunication, conflict, frustration, and challenges.

The most common and substantial issue that often arises between Thinking and Feeling couples is a lack of verbal or physical appreciation, often with one individual desiring a great deal of this interaction and the other not seeing the importance of it.

Myers-Briggs Relationships with The Two Opposite Thinking and Feeling Personality Types Myers-Briggs® Thinking Types will be drawn to their opposite Feeling Type’s gentility and genuine kindness and consideration for others.

Thinking Types are also attracted to Feeling Types inherently encouraging and nurturing persona.

Feelers will also appreciate a Thinker’s ability to help them alter their views and allow for a more objective view when it is necessary, which can help the Feeler learn to control their emotions and better understand others’ intentions.

It is natural for Feelers to also be attracted to a Thinker’s ability to stand up for themselves (and furthermore, for the Feeler to learn from his or her opposite’s ways).

They prefer to work in traditional organisational environments, with people who take their responsibilities seriously.

Attractive occupations for ISTJs tend to be within management or administrative positions, with law-enforcement and accounting also holding appeal.

When a relationship begins to form between a Thinker and a Feeler, each individual is very aware of their own shortcomings and behaviors that may irk their partner, and they do their best to modify their behavior so that they may seem more desirable.

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