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Heap-based buffer overflow in Microsoft MSN Messenger 6.2, 7.0, and 7.5, and Live Messenger 8.0 allows user-assisted remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via unspecified vectors involving video conversation handling in Web Cam and video chat sessions.The "Remember my Password" feature in MSN Messenger 7.5 stores passwords in an encrypted format under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Identity CRL\Creds registry key, which might allow local users to obtain the original passwords via a program that calls Crypt Unprotect Data, as demonstrated by the "MSN Password Recovery.exe" program.

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MSN should have sought to allow consumers to forge an online network and community and allowed them to build real and valuable connections with people digitally, rather than just messaging people that they already knew.

In failing to do this, MSN Messenger allowed social networking sites to steal its audiences because they provided the key element as well as a propensity to simply chat.

However some critics argue that it was MSN Messenger’s numerous rebranding and repositioning attempts just before its closure that led to consumers feeling fed up.

Its repositioning as something akin to a social media platform failed to attract younger consumers.

From my memory as a former user of the software, Myspace arrived followed by Facebook.

These didn’t completely destroy MSN Messenger until both platforms introduced their own messaging services.Skype, another Microsoft product I use and like, has continued Messenger’s legacy to some extent.For me, however, it will never have the evocative association with friends and fun that MSN Messenger had and that Facebook Messenger and Whats App have for teenagers today.My Space, Bebo and, finally, Facebook offered much more – a web of connections and a whole range of ways to get in touch, with messaging as an extra that was taken for granted.Perhaps this is where MSN Messenger got left behind and why it would have taken much more than a rebrand to save it.Nik Govier, co-founder, Unity MSN Messenger attempted domination of too many trends.

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