Ms access form calculation updating table

This should work, but you now also have some other tasks like emptying the temp table each time before/after you use it and it is not really multi-user friendly.

If you need multiple users using it you need to add some sort of USERID to the table too. An alternative would be to use the table as your source and then set the filter value to make it the subset you are seeking.

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Visit Stack Exchange I want to know if it's possible to create a form that has read/write access to a very specific (filtered) record set of a table. Create a query which filters the records of a table. Create a form with this query as its Record Source. When I was heavily into Access development I hit this problem a few times.

Below we will discuss the approach that can provide this facility.

Before we go much further let's go through the type of form we're dealing with and describe how it may be set up. For illustrative purposes we can create this from a table using the Create Form wizard.

Simply select the table you're interested in then click on the New Object button.

If the Form option isn't currently selected then use the drop-down facility to select it.You can do this as part of a form open event (from memory - might need to use the me.requery) or better yet as part of code from the menu/button that got you to the form.Then you use a MUCH simpler query as the forms recordsource, just the temp table joined to the original table via the ID.When a name has been entered, select to modify design on completion. You will notice (after Finishing) that the Record Source property is already set to the name of the table. As @Saulysw mentioned, the select query should allow you to update.

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