If you were going to make this your home base you could probably crush it and build up a nice stable.

If you are only on a short trip it might go great, or it might leave you wanting more.


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When trying to pick up girls in Chisinau, Moldova for casual sex your mileage may vary is something you need to keep in mind.

Some guys claim to come here and crush it with a bunch of slutty girls, others say it is a very hard to quickly score.

When the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, Moldova declared itself an independent country and its 3 million people have thrived ever since.

Its Eastern European location has long been a hot bed for exceptionally beautiful women, and Moldavian ladies are no exception.Try to pipeline a week before you arrive so you can have dates lined up.Maybe have a short coffee date with the hottest ones on your first day.Since this is such a cheap country to visit many guys have come here over the years, had some fun with a local girl, and then gone back to their home never to return.So now many Chisinau girls are a bit leery of tourists.You don’t need to lie to them and tell them you live here permanently, just say you are renting a condo short term to check the city out.

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