Marilyn manson dating history

People just started calling him Marilyn Manson so it stuck.

Marilyn Manson has stated explicitly in interviews that he does not believe in god, and has never suggested being part of any religion. It's often seen as ambiguous because he has closely associated himself with religion.

But he views them as works of fiction which he derives much inspiration from.

I do recall Manson making fun of Trent Reznor for 'wanting to fall in love with a woman', or something. From what I have read about Depp he is also got serious problems with drink in particular. I agree, just my opinion but I've always gotten the sense that he's not a particularly nice guy in private it seems.

You could interpret it as that Trent had a bit more respect for women. People with addictions often act abusively in relationships. I'm just assuming here, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he's pretty manipulative in reality.

If he is proven guilty of actual abuse because of actual evidence the situation would change, of course.

But right now the evidence is not pointing in that direction.Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) makes music to express his thought on the world, life, religion, and just his point of view.His band's original name was Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids, then shortened it to Marilyn Manson after Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson which then Brian Hugh Warner then changed his name to. The reason being is because Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian Hugh Warner.No, he has put Marilyn Monroe (using first name) and the second part of Charles Manson to put together 'Marilyn Manson'. he just took Charles' last name.of his songs are actually about Charles. he just took Charles' last name.of his songs are actually about Charles. He was born Brian Hugh Warner, but his stage name is Marilyn Manson.He came up with this name by ironically putting together the names of two giant cultural icons - actress Marilyn Monroe (woman) and cult leader Charles Manson (male).In the book I remember him talking about when they humiliated a deaf girl (Adina Slotsky) and covering her in meat. Knowing what we know of him now, that's interesting. But he has a record of shady behavior towards women (its in his autobiography! Now this next part is just my speculation, but I think he has had a drink and drug habit for decades.

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