Long dating before becoming exclusive

Still not completely official although most of our friends know and even some family members (of each other's existence ).

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It feels like it’s almost not too quick largely due to how quickly/ easily we clicked.

But just worried it could accidentally ruin things so purposely drawing it out 😬 but maybe it’s not too quick and it’s just my perception or things I keep being told like someone said 6 months which feels ridiculous to me 😳 It honestly depends from person to person and couple to couple.

More specifically, it takes an average of six dates to become exclusive and nine to call yourselves a couple, according to a Google Consumer Study conducted by Mic.

They also did some calculations, and figured that after six (relativity short, non-sleepover) dates, couples had only spent around 24 hours together. Plus, when you think back to your dating history, I’m sure that having an exclusivity talk after six to nine dates doesn’t seem all that crazy.

I knew my current partner for about 2 years before we got together but neither of us liked the other as anything more than acquaintances, we didn't really know each other either But we did move fairly fast when we got together, we never had the "what are we" chat, guess we just kind of knew we wanted to be exclusive We knew each other for a brief time but it was an intense time, a few days before we became official.

We were in a situation when we needed each other, her needing me more.

Personally, I know after the first thirty minutes of a first date if the person is someone I can see myself with.

Furthermore, Mic points out some studies have found that falling in love can take less than a second — my standard half hour isn’t even needed!

But I wouldn’t be going on a dates with two people at once anyway and the people I dated were similar so it made sense.

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