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I had to open the Port 80 also on my second router which is directly connected to the Internet.To help you first answer this questions please: 1) Could you describe your router (trademark).2)What port(s) are you using for your application (HTTP: 80, SSH: 22, WEBCAM...) It's not working due to the forwarding action you mentioned.

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That is, its database must always be updated to make sure your hostname always corresponds to your current IP address.

Many router/modems support Dynamic DNS reporting/notification/updating directly.

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You need to forward your ports to a private IP that your raspberru PI has in order to access you device.

I also recommend you put a static IP to your raspberry PI, so you wont have to do this every once in a while.If your router's configuration is accessible from a web browser, try accessing it by logging into the local IP address of your router (for example, or ) and look for the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) settings.Each Dynamic DNS service may work better with a particular utility.(You may need to add the Ubuntu Universe to your set of software repositories to install some of these utilities.if the connection between my IP-Address and the No-Ip Domain is correct.But now when i type in my domain in my explorer, my webserver page does not appear.Name Translation is implemented via a distributed database known as the Domain Name System.

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