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Less fortunately, these options are often confusing and difficult to implement without the expertise of a Medicaid planning professional.

An applicant is permitted to transfer up to 6,420 (in 2019) to their spouse, given their spouse is not also applying for long-term care Medicaid and will continue to live independently in the community.

The dollar amount changes on an annual basis, and there is some variance to this exception dependent on one’s state of residence.

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The look back period begins the date that one applies for Medicaid.

For instance, if an elderly individual completes an application for Medicaid on July 15, 2018, the look back period begins on that date and goes back 5 years to July 15, 2013 (or in California, back to Jan.

The average daily cost for nursing home care in her state is $200.

This means the grandmother will be ineligible for Medicaid for 200 days or approximately 6.5 months.

($60,000 gifted divided by $4,000 average monthly cost = 15 months).

Example #2Over the past five years, a grandmother gave her granddaughter ,000 / year, which equals ,000 in violation of the 5-year look-back period.For an elderly person to be eligible for nursing home care, assisted living, adult foster care, or in-home care from Medicaid, they must have limited income and assets.To prevent candidates from simply giving away their money or resources to qualify for Medicaid, the federal government implemented the “look-back period”.This is a set period of time prior to the individual’s application during which the Medicaid administering agency reviews all the financial transactions that the senior has made.If a transaction is found in violation of the look back period’s rules, the applicant will be assessed a penalty.15, 2015) The penalty for violating the Medicaid look-back is a period of time that one is made ineligible for Medicaid.

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