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For example, we collect Personal Information from you when you: • Ask to register for an account with us; • Access subscriber services; • Purchase tickets or merchandise; • Donate to our organization; • Exchange tickets or Flex Passes; • Join our e-mail club; and • Participate in contests or surveys.

This Personal Information, for example, may include your: • Name; • Postal or billing address; • E-mail address; • Telephone or mobile number; • Payment card information; • Location via IP address; • Device being used (for our mobile site); and • Previous shopping history with New York Philharmonic.

The laws in the United States may not be considered adequate by authorities in your home country.

Examples of the device information we collect include: • Attributes such as the operating system, hardware version, device settings, file and software names and types, battery and signal strength, and device identifiers.

• Device locations, including specific geographic locations, such as through GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi Fi signals.

This information helps our Site function correctly and supports the work we do to understand the needs of our customers. We automatically collect and compile certain types of anonymous information from you whenever you interact with our Site to deliver the products you request from us and help improve your overall experience.

These “access logs” enable us to make our Site more useful to you.

The third party companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies, and we don't have access to this information.

Other than allowing them to be served, we have no role to play in these cookies. The New York Philharmonic uses pixel tags to gather information about the e-mails we send to our users.

Pixel tags are tiny graphic files, not visible to the human eye, that are included in our HTML-encoded e-mail messages.

When that message is opened in an HTML-capable e-mail program, the recipient's computer will access our e-mail provider's server to retrieve the pixel tag file, allowing us to record and store, along with your e-mail address, the date and time the recipient viewed the message, and other standard logging information. For more information about cookies, see the section above on “Cookies.” Device Information.

Additionally, we may ask you to provide additional demographic information, such as income level and gender.

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