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“It is enjoyable, though when you’re dealing with matchmaking every day, the romance goes out of it a bit! The Secretary of Ireland’s longest running matchmaking agency, Knock Marriage Introductions, has described the treatment of a man who paid €500 to an internet dating agency in Ireland, and met a woman for about 30 minutes before seeing her out later having a drink with her boyfriend, as “appalling”. “They don’t know what they’re setting themselves up for.” Knock Marriage Introductions which was set up in 1968, asks for an annual subscription of €150 and according to Leona, they make “every effort in arranging for couples to meet.” If a meeting does not work out, clients are usually back immediately to Leona, or the director of the agency, Canon Joseph Cooney, and straight away they try to organise another meeting.

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Since the agency was set up in 1968 it has effected nearly 51,000 introductions and over 900 marriages.

In 2012, it had 187 applications from men and women ranging in age from 25 to 85, and ten marriages took place.

Both questionnaires A and B can be downloaded here and should be completed as honestly and as accurately as possible.

They should then be returned, addressed to the Secretary...

Knock Marriage Introductions was established in 1968 with the aim of helping people meet suitable marriage partners.

As this is a branch of Catholic Action, it is presumed that all applicants are free to marry and seeking a Catholic marriage.

“Faith can be stronger among the males than the females.” The office in Knock has reduced its hours, now open just two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Canon Cooney says the demand is as great as ever.

In recent times, he has become more “hands on” in his involvement.

According to director, Canon Joseph Cooney, Our Lady is working hard to help them.

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