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Cats offer new gameplay interactions and features, but they are not directly controllable by the player.

Using mods reveals that cats' needs are bladder, hunger, energy, play, affection and bowel.

Cats can develop fleas which can spread to other pets.

Cats with the hunter trait are especially adept at this, but all cats must first be trained, either by a Sim or by a pet toy.

They will then develop hunting as a skill, which they can level up as they get better at it.

The higher level hunter a cat is, the more likely it is that it will catch something other than leaves, feathers, or snake skin.

A trailer for the console version of the game shows a cat banishing a ghost from the lot.

For example, cats can be trained to be filthy or clean, and cats may get up on tables to eat Sim food unless they have been trained to prefer pet food or to stay off furniture.

After a cat becomes an adult, a Sim can stroke the cat, pick it up and hug it, or feed it a treat, although they can no longer be held and carried around.

In order to have a larger litter of kittens, Sims may buy the lifetime reward "Fertility Treatment for Cats." It takes about 2–4 days from conception till the kittens are born.

Whenever a cat becomes pregnant, the same music that sounds for Sims will be played.

The pre-made cats belonging to playable households in The Sims: Unleashed are: In The Sims 2: Pets, cats also must be trained so they can live with Sims.

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