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Excepting tor the new d with the TV markets, where stations have xud\ Miss just Opened, there is no appreci- ns.

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pimm Ks Wednesday, December 2 , 1953 Washington, Dec 1.

A lecture and motion picture exhibition, even when all proceeds are for the benefit of an educational or charitable institution, is -ubject to the 20 r o admissions tax. However, if the lecture was illustrated by slides rather than mo- tion pictures, it would be tax exempt. is due to a provision of the law which provides that exemptions from the admissions tax law do not apply to ‘‘any motion picture exhibition." Motion Picture K\|h*i I Assn was warned last week not to enter into an. Frenc h - film deal that might involve the subsidized distribution ol French |ix m the l' S Reminder that any such agree- ment, oi even *i ile.

alter gave Hie Italian industry I'J'j'e of the American dislnhs' earnings in Italy Part ot the money was used lo set up Italian Films Kxport in the l! , Donna Marlell ► Since its formation a few years back.

S for the announced pur- pose ot promoting Halo pix l.aler, (Continued on page 7 1 » By GENE AKNEEI. Romulus Films has produced • number of top-ranking Anglo- American pix w hich have matie liefty inroads at t lie boxof Tice tin either side of the Atlantic.

The obvious success of some new' plays on the sole 'Continued on page 82) Seek U. Congressmen’s Intercession to Permit Showing New Hitler Pic Bonn, Dec. Keith, according to the charge, appeared at the studio for the pro- duction of "Dark Victory" in an in- toxicated condition and then, while on camera and doing a commercial, insulted the sponsor's product., in- timated that the spiel was a lot of nonsense and finally thumbed his nose on-camera at Wade, who was signalling to him in the control room, Wade charges his behavior en- dangers live television.

Station, however, is taking no part in the action, claiming that there’s no point in hounding Keith and that io good will he served by the ac- tion.

"Late Love." into its eighth week currently at the Booth, N. Show is doing modest business, but is the only opener of recent months to receive solid pans and survive at all.

Indication that it’s primarily (Continued on page 82 • Eddie Cantin' lias a different conception about IV stars huek- .tenrig their current spun or \s pioduet ‘if it is done with in* r- Mi - g- nee ” The vet comedian agn i , with tip- agencies that "tia! with the kind of money actors at e getting, tin- spun oi can’t afford to have some eaitoon spot eomrnct- ctals or some strange annum eer ell mg the corrilm» Ware- lienee the p: ic e spun J .deiif if ieat ion mu i re i with the RCA Sets 300G Adv.

Drive for C-Day (Color) —To Boost Black & White Living Quarters Under Drive-In Screens, With Ladder to Count Hou:e Omaha.

Dee I Cooking for a place to live’' 'I r y your neare-t drive in theatre Manager-, Allen L.

Jane Wyman, as pretty a bun- dle as ever faced a lens, en- tered. Everywhere, a shake of the head, a questioning look, accompanies discussion of this season's tryout fare. Congressmen are to be asked to intercede to permit the exhibition of a recently-made Ger- man film dealing with the life of \dolph Hitler which has hqen banned on the personal orders “of Chancellor Adenauer after its day- c Late opening in 20 West German ‘-it nations.

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