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Kenya has one of the highest population growth rates in the world.

This puts enormous pressure on infrastructure and resources as everyone seeks to eke out a living.

While Kenya has a relatively more vibrant economy than her immediate East African neighbours, it is too reliant on agriculture.

To reduce poverty levels significantly, more needs to be done to diversify industrial production and the services sector in order to absorb more Kenyans into formal employment and therefore guarantee them a stable source of income.

In fact, the population density is so high that in areas with a high potential for agriculture, it is about 6 times higher than the country’s average of 55 people per square kilometre.

The rural economy is almost entirely dependent on subsistence farming which accounts for about 75% of the county’s entire agricultural output.

Vast regions to the north of the country, especially near borders with Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia are populated by nomadic communities.

Dependent on rearing livestock and living in areas neglected by both the colonial and subsequent independent Kenya administrations, these communities are desperately poor.

Since the mid-1980’s, the scourge of HIV/AIDS has dealt the Kenyan health sector and economy a big blow.

HIV/AIDS prevalence rates are highest among youthful and middle-aged Kenyans who comprise the most productive segment of the population.

While most of these people live in areas which have good to high potential for agriculture, this land only comprises about 18% of the entire territory of the country.

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