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It contains humor and insight and canny psychology, strong performances, and the fearless discussion of things both races would rather not face.

The one area where it is least certain is jungle fever, which Lee uses as his starting point, and then leaves behind as quickly as possible.

The most harrowing sequence in the movie follows Flipper as he searches for Gator through the demonic sewers where crackheads gather - until finally there is a scene out of Dante, in a crackhouse where the moments of release are surrounded by a great bottomless pall of despair.

As in "Do the Right Thing," Lee tells his larger story in terms of these many smaller stories - including a subtle development that takes place when Paulie is told by Angie that she is dating a black man.

The term, Jungle fever depicts its a disease for a relationship between black and white.

Believe me, I have seen many white people, very good people, but the moment it becomes a relationship, these so nice people, choke, withdraw and becomes, em almost racist.

The best single scene in the movie comes as Drew and her friends sit around talking about black men, in hard truths ranging from sorrow and anger to humor.

This scene was improvised over a period of two days by Lee and the actresses, who were asked to contribute their own deepest feelings on the subject.

The same reaction I see in black ladies mostly, who frown rather hard when they see a black guy with a white lady.

Does a black/white relationship have to be a disease?

Lee has explained this belief in countless interviews, and yet it remains the murkiest element in his new film, which is brilliant when it examines the people who surround his feverish couple, but uncertain when it comes to the lovers themselves.

The victims of "Jungle Fever" are Wesley Snipes as Flipper, an affluent, married, successful architect, and Annabella Sciorra as Angie, a temporary office worker. She comes to work in his Manhattan office one day, their eyes meet, and the fever starts.

But in fact neither of these notions is really established in the film, which is the least successful and focused in the scenes between its two principals.

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