Johannes kepler dating life

He advanced the understanding of reflection and refraction and human vision, and produced improvements in eyeglasses for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, and for the telescopes that his colleague Galileo (with whom he corresponded) had first turned toward the heavens.He invented the pinhole camera and designed a gear-driven calculating machine.In spite of his successes, Kepler’s life was filled with hardship, poverty, political turmoil, false accusations and difficult work.

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In spite of it, he stands as a consummate example of a Christian doing excellent science from motives; Kepler pursued science as a mission from God.

In his words, he was merely “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Anyone who thinks Christianity is inimical to science should take a close look at the life of this giant of science – and Christian faith. The story of how he worked for eight years trying to figure out the orbit of Mars and the other planets from the observations of Tycho Brahe is legendary.

These were the first truly scientific laws, based as they were on empirical data and not authority or Aristotelian logic.

They were also solidly based in mathematics, and could be used to make predictions.

The These discoveries alone would be enough to guarantee Kepler membership in the science hall of fame, but there’s much more.

Not only was he the Father of Celestial Mechanics, Kepler is also considered the Father of Modern Optics.He investigated weather phenomena and also made other fundamental discoveries about the heavens, such as the rotation of the sun, and the fact that ocean tides are caused primarily by the moon (for which Galileo derided him, but Kepler was proved right).He predicted that trigonometric parallax might be used to measure the distances to the stars.He advanced mathematics in science to new heights, including the first use of logarithms for astronomy and the foundation for integral calculus. He was a major force in moving science away from its subservience to authority and onto an empirical foundation, and from superstition to mathematical law.He helped mankind understand how the universe works.With this finding, he overcame 1500 years of error based on the thinking of Ptolemy, Aristotle and even Copernicus that the heavenly orbits must be perfect circles.

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