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star said he’s been on three dates with a chiropractor, a man he says he cannot name on his show due because of a privacy rules set by his new romantic interest.“I had my third date with the chiropractor this weekend,” Lewis says.

“I can’t say what happened because that’s a boundary that I’m not allowed to cross.”During last Friday’s episode, Lewis explained that during their second date, the chiropractor set forth “a rule” that “anything romantic or sexual stays between us.”This isn’t the first time someone has asked Lewis to not speak about their relationship on the radio.

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Lewis was born in Orange County, California on March 24, 1970. He attended both the University of Southern California and Chapman University where he was pre-law and a political science major.

In December 2008, Lewis was subject to a restraining order filed by Ashley Jensen and Terence Beesley who were living next door to a Los Feliz house being renovated by Lewis.

Following his announcement in late January that he and his partner of 10 years, Gage Edward, had decided to separate, Jeff revealed during the March 12 episode of his Radio Andy show designer said that he is not going to be as much of an open book when it comes to the details of this new relationship.

He said that he and his suitor have "a rule" that “anything romantic or sexual stays between us.” Jeff said that he didn't "want to be a high maintenance pain in the ass" during his most recent date with the chiropractor because he didn't want "to scare him off." “I don’t want to be high maintenance. “I don’t want him to know yet how high maintenance I really am. But right now, I am fake Jeff.” Still, Jeff said that he and the chiropractor had a "great date," and they already have a fourth date slated for Sunday.Lewis reacted negatively and Jensen/Beesley filed a restraining order.In mid-April 2009 the two parties settled for a ,000 easement and an agreement that the deck could remain.“I was still encouraged, like, ‘There’s still something here… But there was a real lack of intimacy because he wasn’t in my room.So I actually felt very lonely and sad and disappointed.On Thursday, Lewis announced on his Sirius XM's Radio Andy radio show that Edward recently moved out of their home."I don't think this is necessarily, ultimately bad news but Gage actually moved out of the house last night. "And then also, financially, it wasn't the best time."Lewis also commented on his show, "I'm now a single dad 'cause the baby is with me," according to .

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