Java scripts for updating web pages

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You could add many types of characters to the query string value, but numbers are a logical way to do it, because then you can just increase the number, and even add decimal places if you want.

And of course, if you don’t change the value for a while, the browser will continue to cache (or preserve) the file, and won’t attempt to download it unless other factors force it to, or you end up updating the query string value.

So, each time you update your CSS on the server, you can incrementally update your version number.

If you’re new to query strings, just know that the part before the equals sign is like a placeholder, and the part after the equals sign is the value put into that placeholder. It will only serve to make the browser think it’s a completely different file.

You may copy the lines below or from the head of this page as you view the page source code.

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With this Java script on your hand, you will find how easy to make a good and sophisticated websites. So take a deep breath and welcome to the new world of Java Scripts. Make your website wonderful with free Script codes.

Use them on the source of your pages, in html part.

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